Tarot Reading

Tarot can be a useful tool to ask about a situation in your life that you would like immediate insight into.

Tarot shows the forces affecting the client at the time of the reading some forces will be coming in to play and others will be fading out. This approach gives a rounded picture at the time.

During my reading I will discuss the cards in the spread and then discuss the issues that are uppermost in the mind of the client. In this way one reduces the possibility of cold reading.

I use the Waite rider Tarot Deck as it is the most magical deck and I am of the tradition (as per the Aquila Lodge).that gave rise to it. I use this for my main reading deck. I use  other decks, such as the Swiss Marseilles deck, which is used for Astrological Tarot readings.

I use the minor arcane for predominantly mundane questions and reserve the major arcane for questions of a more spiritual nature.

Within the Aquila Lodge wands are attributed to the element of Air and represent the intellect. Fire is assigned to the sword which are the attributes used by the hermetic order of the Golden Dawn. The Golden Dawn system is worthy of respect as modern pioneers of an ancient tradition but it has no monopoly on the correct Attribution of these elemental weapons.

A Tarot reading can be in person or via Zoom and usually lasts about 30 Minutes.

Tarot Reading £20