Astrology Readings

There are various types of readings available, the most popular being a Birth Chart Reading with Transits and Progressions for the year ahead.

Birth chart readings

This includes a printed chart and a print out of your Birth Chart interpretation. I will spend time explaining your chart to you and answering any questions you may have.


Transits and progressions for the year

What is happening now in your life, related to your birth chart. includes Solar Arc Directions. Helpful self knowledge to make decisions on your path in life.

This can be combined with a Birth chart reading or be repeated each year after your initial Birth Chart reading.

This includes a print out and explanation via Zoom


Child or Baby chart.

This includes a beautiful photographic printed chart in a frame and a basic character portrait.

Electional Chart Reading

Do you want to find the best date for you to get married or set up a new business? I can look at dates within a certain window of opportunity and find the most fortuitous date for you.

Horary Chart Reading

A Horary chart gives an answer for a question. A chart is drawn up for the moment a question is asked and interpreted to give you a yes or no answer, sometimes with provisos!

Please contact me for prices. All readings are via Zoom video conferencing.