Lifestyle coaching with astrology

Unlock your soul map to happiness and success.

This follows on from or is combined with an astrology reading and. I can, depending on the individual circumstances, apply my considerable experience as a counsellor and coach with ongoing sessions, this may include the use of EFT. I qualified as a integrative counsellor over 15 years ago.

The sessions are a talking activity using correlations between celestial events and human experience to help increase self-awareness, to gain insight during periods of change, growth and opportunity, and also to find meaning in times of difficulty. Being aware of your natal birth map and what is going on for you now can aid self development in your life.

With an Astrology reading as a starting point, this process allows more exploration of your gifts and challenges in life. Using the myths and stories of the planets we can explore different aspects of your emotions and personality, where you are and where you want to be in all areas of life.

Please contact me for an individual price tailored to your needs.